Lucky Charm 2015 [ Giveaway ]


How did that week pass by sooo quickly? I literally feel like it's Tuesday! I guess that has its advantages too -weekend is around the corner, yay!! But guys I have so much studying to do that I have to admit I don't particularly love the idea of it during the weekend. Plus I have a ton of orders to make and ship. Oh my !

On the bright side though, aren't these Lucky Charms cute? Well I made them for you!! From now on and until January a little Good Luck envelope with a Charm inside will accompany every order you place at my shop

AND the good news don't stop here. I will give 5 Lucky Charms away too. So if you want one yourself leave a comment below. Open to international readers of course, until 1st of December. 

Have a great weekend!! <3

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