Feeling Thankful (+ Black Friday)

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I have to admit that I've been in better places in my life. But also in a lot worse, so I don't get to complain. Truth to be told, it is just that lately my life seems way too full of chaotic things to do. As the time passes by, one by one things get of the way and let me dream about Christmas and holidays in general. However, as my boyfriend perfectly says, I shouldn't be whining at all. My shop is going unexpectedly great this month and at least one of the things I have to do is this -which brings me money- which is good. But still, there are these times when I feel so bummed out, facing the fact that I don't have enough time, courage or strength to do everything I want to. And again, I guess i should listen to my bf once more when he says that we can't do everything. Oh man!

Anyway, where I'm trying to focus though is on the little things that can make life a lot easier to cope with, even when everything feels like falling apart. The postcard you find in your mailbox from your friend who lives abroad, the photo in your inbox when you wake up from your boyfriend whom you can't wait to see, a nice surprise, song or even a good joke you heard randomly at the post office. Therefore, i couldn't feel more grateful with my life as it is. Because, bottom line, I am healthy, I have the loveliest, most adorable, truly caring and amazing friends I could ever wish for, I have my boyfriend whom I extremely miss but also enormously love so who cares if he is miles away, and last but certainly not least, I have the most amazing and huge family ever, that keeps growing and growing. 

So I guess what I'm trying to say is that I feel thankful from the bottom of my heart for all these reasons and many more. Because happiness lays in the little things, we just need to take a deep breath and see them!  


In other news, tomorrow is the day most Americans wait for in order to buy the hell out of shops. So i thought it would be nice to be a part of it in my own way. If you've been eyeing any of my jewelry pieces on my shop but you were having second thoughts (but why?), now is the time to place your order!! Take advantage of the Black Friday discount and take 20% off your next purchase. (coupon code MLBFRIDAY, typed on the checkout)

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