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Hello, we are Becka & Nathan from Yeobo blog  We are so excited to be joining you on Anna-Rosa’s lovely piece of the web. Since she’s on a Euro-tour of her own (lucky lady), we thought this would be a perfect time to give you a few of our travel tips. Nathan just visited Italy in June, so let’s start there!  If you’re visiting Italy, you're probably staying in a bigger city as a hub and taking day trips to explore the surrounding areas. Here are four things to always have in your day bag. 

Don't leave your camera behind for the sake of comfort, you'll end up regretting it an hour into your day. Plan ahead, bring a larger bag to comfortably tote your gadgets. Or invest in a camera strap you won’t be embarrassed to wear all day. We love this one from Tanner Goods. 

An easy change
Guess what, Italy can get really hot... Depending on your traveling dates, it can be shirt sticking, face dripping kinda hot. Yuck. A smart traveler brings an extra shirt, or even a complete change of clothes. This will save you come 9 o'clock when the sun has gone down and your looking for a nice place to eat dinner. We realize this isn’t the most glamorous tip, but trust us... you’ll want to freshen up a bit after walking about all day in the hot sun. We love basics that can easily be tossed on with just about anything. Everlane has the perfect pieces for him and her.

Phone charger / adapter
Your phone will die and it will die fast. Even if your battery is fully charged, the constant yelping, gps locating and instagramming (all while you're roaming in a foreign country) will surely drain your battery. Fortunately there are tons of places to charge, like outlets on trains or in train stations. Just make sure you have the right adapter for your cables. We love these cord tacos to keep everything neat in your bag. 

Extra room
Lastly, you want to leave some room. If your packed to the brim, you're going to be very sad when you can't fit that gorgeous pair of leather sandals into your bag. Roaming new cities often leads to shopping. Leave space for it!

Thanks for having us!
Becka & Nathan

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