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Hello My Lifebox readers! This is Eleni, blogger behind My Paradissi and I’m here to fill up for sweet Anna-Rosa while she’s enjoying some well deserved time off. I know Anna-Rosa is a dearest fan of cooking (like, please, how delicious does this salad look?) so I thought I’d prepare for you a post that combines both the culinary essences of smell and taste with the visual one a decent interior designer and architect (hello Anna-Rosa) swears by. That means delicious recipes prepared in equally astonishing kitchens that, of course, get along perfectly in style and vibe. Like fresh vegetables and sleek surfaces, creamy cheese and whitewashed spaces, crisped bread and unrefined woods. Does it make any sense to you? I feel that the surroundings play a vital role for ones health and inspiration. Yes, no junk food is allowed in the above kitchens ;)

If you are indeed inspired and crave for some healthy delicacies, you can find the links to the recipes here:

You can always drop by My Paradissi to say hi :) Thanks Anna-Rosa for having me!

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