DIY | Paper Card Holders


Funny fact: I actually did this project months ago, maybe on February or something, but for some stupid reason I forgot to post it. So here it is. Nothing special but quite useful if you are anything like me, collecting tones of business cards. I like to take cards from almost any place I visit. You never know, you might need to share it some time and the card will come in handy.  But let's assume you have a better reason to keep cards save. Maybe because they are yours for example. Or maybe because you like to keep things neat on your desk. Either way, this little card holder can be very useful and it is very easy to make.

You will simply need:
wavy corrugated paper & elastic band (just that!)

First cut a 9x20cm piece of paper. Open a hole in the middle of it, make a knot at the end of the elastic band and pass it through the hole. That's pretty much it. Then you will only need to fold it. (see photos below). TA DA!!
Isn't it great and extremely easy?

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