DIY | Hanging Planter

Although I actually did this DIY a long time ago -not even remember when- somehow it never made the final cut. I made the net when I was still living in Chania but I never got to hang it, so I just took it with me to Athens when I moved and a few days ago it finally came in handy. Living in a small city apartment with a tiny teeny balcony that barely has enough room for a couple of chairs means that plants need to be hung :) 
The great thing with this project is that you won't need weird or complicated supplies to make it and it is really simple too! 

 So if you are interested in making it you will need:
- 4 pieces of rope (at least one meter each, depending on how long you want it to be)
- some thread (same color with the rope)

- if you like the small rings I used you will need 12 pieces, BUT you can replace the rings with thread, so don't bother, you can make it anyway!!

After finishing the net place your planter in the middle of it, lift it, make a knot and hang it :) It can also be used indoors of course, maybe as a hanging fruit bowl in the kitchen or something.

P.S: you can find instructions on how to make the white plaster bowl from the last photo here!!

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