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Besides that lately my favorite color is pink (that's new, right?), there are a few more changes in my life that I haven't talked about yet and I was really looking forward to the day I'd find some time to write a post about them. I know I have been completely absent for more than a month but things have been hectic and I decided it would be just better to deal with one thing at a time and stop trying to be a super woman.
As some of you may know, I have been studying architecture for the past 5 years of my life in Chania, Greece. Studying architecture can be very time consuming and demanding and right now I'm in a place where it couldn't be more of these. Writing a research thesis and conduct a design thesis are the most important and difficult things one has to do in order to graduate. And now I 'm doing exactly that. 

In addition to that, me and my family decided that there was no point in keeping my apartment in Chania, since I do have a lovely apartment in Athens waiting for me. Therefore I left (or at least my stuff did) Chania and moved to Athens. But since I still have things I'm working on in Chania, I'm currently crashing at a friend's place, which, although she is lovely and I really have a great time with her, is a bit new to me!
So, trying to write my thesis coupled with me moving out of my 5-year beloved apartment just drove me nuts during this last month. 

That being said, I'm really sorry in advance that I'm not and won't be much around. Considering my blog is most about DIYs and recipes, which need some kind of space to be done and photographed, I hardly can imagine to post in regular basis soon again. But, I'm planning on a couple of posts that don't need that kind of space flexibility when I find time again! 
However, I truly love this blog and I cannot imagine my life without it. Maybe I'll need some extra time to catch up with you and your lovely blogs guys but I'm sure I'll make it at the end. Thanks a lot for understanding and I really want you to know that I miss you :)

With Love!

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