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I was tagged by the lovely Emma Lou to join the game 5 Things. Lately many bloggers have joined this or similar tagging games and I'm so excited I get to be one of them. I loved reading all these little weird facts about fellow bloggers, but now it's my turn to share some funny facts about me as well. The truth is it was kind of hard to decide what to share but I hope some of you will relate to my weirdness :)

1. Singing in the car. It seems that my driving always comes with my terrible singing. I would love to have a nice, or at least decent, voice...but no! God decided to leave me without any vocal talents. And apparently I desperately want to prove him wrong. Therefore I sing, as loud as I possibly can when I drive. With the windows open :) And of course singing comes with theatrical moves. It just feels wrong without them. At least I make people laugh :) 

2. I am a crier. Hmm..well that is probably one of the first things (I hope not the first) that my people would say about me. I literally can cry about anything. I get moved extremely easily. And crying while watching The Notebook I guess is fine. But crying with moving commercials (yes, moving but still...commercials) I'm sure it is not fine. The funniest thing about it is that till recently I was sure that no one had actually noticed how much of a crier I am :) 

3. I can live on milk. And any other dairy product in fact. I can replace water with milk. My mom tried really hard to make me stop drinking milk but I think it just can't happen. Sometimes I believe that I have milk running in my veins. It makes more sense. Plus I can drink milk with any food. Especially with pizza! Ok, sorry if it sounds disgusting guys :) 

4. My love, Booky! I simply cannot imagine my life without my beloved dog. I know this is not a fun or weird fact about me, but it sure defines me as a person more than many other things. Booky, is the most wonderful and tender creature and I'm so happy to have her in my life! We always sleep together and I looove her so much I could die. 

5. Five names. I think only a few of you know that I'm half-Dutch/half-Greek. My mom is from The Netherlands but I was born and raised in Greece. My parents decided to name me Anna-Rosa, which already is a bit unusual and most people who don't know me just call me Anna (which is fine)! But the funny truth is that my whole name is Anna-Maria-Rosa and then I have two surnames too :) So my complete name is Anna-Maria-Rosa Moschouti-Vermeer!! Yes, children used to tease me a lot at school :) 

So that's all guys!! Five things you didn't know about me :) I'm tagging Eleni (myparadissi), Kelly (Pink and Lola), Jacquelyn (Lark & Linen), Juni (Hej, Juni) and aaaaaall of you who want to play along :) Because it is not about tagging other people :) 

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