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While my next holiday to wait for is Christmas, most of you are already preparing things for Thanksgiving. No matter what are you decorating for, there is always some room for a little winter-ish DIY for your home. Today is not about a huge or difficult DIY though. It is about decorating and preparing our houses for winter. I don't know about you but when I think about winter two things definitely come in mind..woolen knits and snuggling down in front of a fire place. Ok, of course I cannot show you how to build your own fire place and unfortunately I don't know how to knit. However, I made my imagination work a bit harder and while I was searching in my goodie box (where I keep all the eventually DIY equipment) I came through these couple of golden cans. Not hard to figure out (since you've already seen the pictures, lol), I made two little can candles. And because I really wanted to make them look wintery and all, I wrapped them with this beautiful gray wool.

I didn't make a video nor a step by step picture tutorial for this DIY project. I really believe it is quite easy to follow though, as long as you are careful with the wax melting. Do you remember this pyramid candle I once made? It was one hell of an experience.
In short, you will need some wax, a small pot and some wick. Glue one wicks end on the bottom of the can. Make sure it is perfectly centered, otherwise it will not burn well. You can use hot glue, "glue dots" or "wick-stickums" to do that. Choose whatever is easier for you. Then you will have to apply wick bars, or whatever else that can work as a wick bar instead. Wick bars are important because they keep the wick straight in the candle. So instead of purchasing bars I tied the wick on a pencil :) After setting your wick is time to melt the wax and pure it into the cans. Let them rest for a couple of hours before doing anything further. (if you want to become a pro at candle making, check out these instructions)

Yay!! Now you can happily celebrate your accomplishment! You just made candles!! That was the hardest part, so after finishing with it you can move on the decoration part. As I told you before, I wanted to make these candles look pretty wintery, therefore I chose to wrap them with wool. One of my favorite colors is gray, plus I think that gray wool is beautiful. To wrap your can candles you will need some wool, or even twine, and glue. Spread glue on the can and start wrapping from the top or the bottom. It is not that difficult, but I love how it looks at the end!! 
So that's it guys!! My little winter-ish candles! I hope you like them.
Have a great week.

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