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So, lately life has been something like this:
-pretty busy with my exams (till yesterday) and a research program we're running till mid-July
-my right knee acts up for some strange reason and it gives me a really hard time
-a new donut store opened this month in my neighbourhood and I'm not afraid to admit that I could live on donuts and milk from now on. Unfortunately I'm on a diet
-still haven't been to the beach, which is extremely unusual for me, since I used to go for a swim around May every year
-thinking of making a few changes around here, hopefully till the end of the summer myLifebox will be refreshed [btw I'd love to know if there's anything special you'd like me to take into consideration about the changes I'm going to make, since I'm a very bad decision maker, so it would really help if you dropped a few ideas] 

Plus, I read this article about balance, written by Ana from Blog Milk (one of my top-five favourite blogs) and I have to admit I loved it. So if you want read it your self and see what you think too.
And don't forget to check out NeedSupply's new look book, styled by Jennifer Hagler, of A Merry Mishap blog. It is one hell of a job.

have a great weekend guys!

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