DIY Heart Crayons


When I stumbled upon all these tutorials about crayon melting I was thrilled! It is so easy to make funny shaped crayons for kids that I'm kinda jealous I didn't have some when I was a child. I used heart molds but I would love to have more shapes. So, if you want to make your own funny shaped crayons...

you'll need::
a bunch of crayons
and some small one-use bowls
(you can also buy some safe baking molds beforehand)

how to::

  1. remove paper from crayons
  2. break them and put them either in the one-use bowls or in the baking molds
  3. in the oven (200C) until crayons are fully melted (takes about 15mins)
  4. in case you used one-use bowls, pour into the molds 
  5. let dry completely
  6. remove from the molds and.....TA DAAA!!

note:: it is nice to put them in small bags as a gift! I made mine like that and my godchild was thrilled to bits!!

love xoxo


  1. This is really cute idea especially as gifts for kids!

  2. You have a beautiful space here! I'm smitten.

    Thanks so much for posting this tutorial ... I've been wanting to make these for our little Maile. :) Lovely photos, too!