Antigones Birthday Gift!


Happy Birthday Antigone!!! happy birthday to youuuu, you belong to the zoo, with the monkeys and the donkeys and the others like you!!!! Ok, ok kidding :)
Well, to day is Antigones day, and I wanted to share with you, first of all the shoes we (me and Kynthia) bought her as present and secondly how I tried to wrap it!!! I 've seen many of gift wrap stamp tutorials and I decided to make one myself. So, I needed plain brown kraft paper, acrylic paint, foam and something to mount it on (I used a bit of balsa wood). 
I made a polka dot wrapper cause she loves polka dots and I used one of my clay ornaments (I'll post about them tomorrow) as a tag! 


  1. Oh I love the placement of the "Happy Birthday" and the string, beautiful wrapping job. I am quite in love with kraft paper (as well as every other blogger in the world!)


  2. love the wrapping :)
    still trying to get my hands on rubber stamps like those!

  3. great gift from the world's greatest friends!!! thank u thank u thank u!

    and IDONTBELONGTOTHEZOO (naah yeah right i wish)