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Last Easter I spent a week in London. It was my third time there. My best friend Nick (a very talented self taught photographer who shutted down his tumblr account-for no reason I can understand- and now I cannot link you to him) lives there for the past two years and I went to visit him. My mothers in law daughter (aka sister in law) was there too for her masters and she had her birthday! And I have a friend , Yorgos, who lives there for years and it is always nice to see him and go for a Tate-walk and a Waga-Mama bite. It was a good opportunity to search for some Colleges too, with Yorgos help, since he is an architect too. Anyway, it was a very nice week and, as you can see, my stomach was really happy too! I was very lucky cause my first day in London was St.Georges day and at St.Georges church was this market with this enormously and heavenly good food. The first picture is a portion of a Thai-something mix we tried, and it was delicious! The second one is taken in a really nice place, supposed to be very popular in London, but I cannot remember the name at all. It had very nice food (for vegetarians and vegans too) and great lemonades. No need to introduce you to Snog and to Red-Velvet, right? Yummy yummy! 
So, enough mouth watering for today I guess! 

Hope you have a great time and full stomach while reading this :)
Anna Rosa xxx

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  1. ha ha ha ha ha
    next stop in Amsterdam, Paris...or Berlin...Barcelona..Rome....tell us about it ...New York, L.A and Texas...