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Today's recipe is extremely easy but too refreshing, delicious and healthy that's so worth it. When it comes to sweets I'm a total fruit sucker. And even more when it comes to fruity popsicles. Ever since I was a little girl I preferred fruity ice screams and popsicles instead of chocolate-cream, classic ice creams. 

Last month I went for an IKEA walk. Just window shopping. But I stumbled upon some cute popsicle molds and I couldn't resist. So here I am sharing my go-to fruity summer sweet recipe that is perfect to satisfy my cravings without worrying about calories.

You will only need a fruit juicer and...popsicle molds. That's it. Just pick your favorite fruit, or combine fruits, take their juice and freeze them!! I love nectarines very much so I didn't mix the flavors. And because I really wanted to go for healthy this time I didn't add sugar or any sweeteners. BUT I always share a couple of extra ideas that you could use to adjust the recipe to your taste. Feel free to add 1tsp. of caster sugar in each mold if you want your popsicle sweeter OR if you use fruits that are sour, like oranges. And another great idea would be to add little chopped fruit pieces in the molds :) enjoy!

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