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After a long period of absence I'm finally back, celebrating Latrina's 29th birthday with an amazing giveaway! Latrina's blog, Of Trees and Hues, has been a major inspiration source over the past year and I couldn't feel more honored being a part of her birthday-blog-party. As a photographer who recently updated her camera, Latrina decided to give the chance to one of you to win a Canon Rebel T3i camera!! Teaming up with a bunch of talented people (including me! yay!) she managed to reach the amount of 650$.. of course this wouldn't be possible without the following amazing people, so make sure you check out their lovely blogs and sites :)

Now people pay attention! There are many many ways to enter this fabulous giveaway, but first you have to submit your first entry to unlock the rest of them. Of course the more entries the more chances you have to win! You can also tweet once a day about the giveaway and it will count as an additional entry :)
The giveaway will be running through until 11:59 PM PST on Tuesday, May 6th and it is open to international readers.

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