Freebie Friday :: Dinosaur Wallpaper


< today I'm launching a new category of posts again. Yesterday I introduced you to "Smitten by" and now I'm introducing you to "Freebie Friday". It will be a weekly post series with free downloadable goodies, such as wallpapers, printable postcards etc. Let's hope you'll like it > 

When I first saw this quote I laughed. I was expecting to read something deep and thoughtful like "if history repeats itself I'll have the chance to blah blah.." but it totally got me! And then it made me think. We have only one life and after all the point it not to be serious all the time and to focus on what we could have done better or not. So yes, in case history repeats itself I would probably get a dinosaur too. But a small one...without fire breathing and large teeth,you know :)  

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