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Hey guys! This is the last post from the Guest Post Week! Last but not least at all comes Nicky!! She is one of my best friends..she belongs to the group of people I call family and not just good friends. We met nine years ago (right Nicky? -she always remembers everything better than me!) and we are very close ever since. I want to special thank her for her post here, cause she hasn't got a clue about blogging..and she doesn't even have a good camera! So we have to congratulate her a million times more than normal for delivering my call..notably good!! So...

It is a great pleasure of mine to support and contribute to the blog of my beloved friend, Anna. Below I will show you ideas and solutions for your house with little or no cost. Anna I'm waiting photos from Venice! :)

To begin with, if you want to give your space a vintage style, start with your family. Personally I found an 70's vacuum cleaner which belonged to my grandmother, which is a work of art and is now an ornament in the house.

Also, a few weeks ago, my dear friend and neighbor Andrew found an old door with laths in a abandoned building next to my apartment.  Today this door is a functional and beautiful "furniture" where i put my glasses, magazines, books, cd' s.

This advice is for those who have decided not to have a TV at home. Personally I am more relaxed and calm without a TV, and spending time at home is much more productive and creative. You can get a computer screen, insert it into the wall and connect it to your laptop. By doing this you can watch what's you want through the internet , movies, series, news. Around the screen, you can put a frame. By selecting different wallpapers, your "tv" becomes a painting.

A few weeks ago i found a child crib headboard. Today I used it to put my scarves, gloves, bags or everything else.

 If you're lucky to have a porch  or terrace at your home  you can make it  one of the prettiest parts of the house. You can buy bags with seeds (I have lavender, basil and mint), put them in tiny and colored pots, cover  them with soil. After a few weeks flowers will start growing. Also  I have to  say that to put flowers in your place, is not necessary costly. You can find cheap flowers from the local market. Finally if you want to create soft lighting to the terrace, you can place hooks and with fishing line to hang colorful lanterns. Lanterns can also be placed on branches, if your porch is near trees.

Our house is the place that represents us more and it can be beautiful and functional without having to spend a fortune. :)


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