Summer Part 2 *


As the song says, all good things come to an end! Unfortunately, yesterday my summer came to an end. Ok, let's not be dramatic. I had a great time, and I'm planning on keep having one for the rest of the week. Not like before, but anyway, I'll try to be as much as cool as I can, considering I'm a control freak. But when I think about how many things I have to do, I honestly get a headache. So I have to be more easy going! 
(I was thinking of using the word loose instead of easy going. But I realised that "all good things come to an end" and "loose" are both from Nelly Furtado. And it's not like I'm a fan or anything.)

Anyway, it' s just I have to accept the fact that I have work to do. Which is not necessarily boring.  On the contrary, I have really creative plans on my mind! It's kind of the end of an era, a really nice one. It's always hard to get rid of the summery mood and get down to business. But I have faith in me! And I like to believe I'm worth having faith in!! 

It's too soon to wish you a nice winter. I don't even want to think about that. I'll wish something more, hmmm I don't know, general. 

Let's all have as much as creativity and inspiration as we need to get over summer!! This wish works for me at least! 

I'll soon post about my fabulous summer! Till then have fun darlings!!



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